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I was born with a passion for images.  Looking at photos, capturing my own, and being the subject of other photographer’s creations – I love it all.  Though dance was my main focus as a child, my cameras were never far away.  In my young years the only cameras I knew were disposable and Polaroid, until a family member gave me a single generous gift that changed my life: a Nikon camera.  

This gift could not have come at a better time.  Just a few days later I departed for Costa Rica, one of the most epic adventures of my life.  Filled with hanging bridges, waterfalls, red clay mud, steamy hot springs and even a volcano!  It was there that I discovered my early passions of photographing landscapes and wildlife.  I was hooked.  Upon returning to my then-home in NYC, I began studying the basics of cameras and photography at Photo Manhattan where I delved deeper into the lens.

My dance career was soaring and I was getting opportunities to travel all over the world!  With the help of my trusty Nikon companion, I was able to develop my skills and capture everything as I wanted to remember it; from the beautiful, vibrant colors of China's country side, to the gritty mystique of its night markets, or the cold towering castles of Cork County, Ireland to the infectious and visible rhythms of Dublin's street performers. 

Even though I was constantly surrounded by a slew of extremely talented people I had no real interest in shooting people.  The world was beautiful enough.  However, after sharing my work with friends and colleagues - whose responses were incredibly supportive and inspiring - I decided to answer their requests for portraits.  My knowledge of dance made it easy to understand how to pose my subjects, and how to use precise timing to capture the peak of a beautiful grand jeté (that means jump in fancy French ballet words).  Having been the subject of many photos myself, I understand that the most important thing when shooting a portrait, other than lighting, is to make people feel at ease.  

All I wish to do with my images is to inspire.  We all have creativity in us; some of us just haven't been given the right tools or time to express it.  So pick up a camera, pen, thread, tap shoes, spatula or whatever!  Make something, and then share it.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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